Hello World – Come Let Us Learn Together

In the finest of programming traditions, this is my “Hello World” post.   I’ve been working in the database profession for over 30 years now (I started at 19).   I’ve worked all over the stack from report writing, stored procedure development, data architect, data modeler, VB developer, java developer, web developer, business intelligence consultant to “Senior Solutions Architect” (whatever that means).

Sometimes I’m early and sometimes I’m late, but I’ve been keeping my sight on “what’s next” from the beginning of my career.   What’s Next now is Big Data.   This blog is about helping others learn what I’m learning as I transition from my relational database background (all hail Ralph Kimball)  to Hadoop/Hive and other “Big Data” technologies.

If you, like me, are just getting started in your transition – there is good and bad news.  The bad news is that we are not early adopters.  Already the jobs are requiring experience that we don’t yet have because we need the jobs to get the experience.  The good news is that we can get that knowledge with free software on the internet.   And while no longer new, most companies are still just getting their feet wet and experimenting.   The coming wave of standardization hasn’t hit and so there is time to gain these skills before we become the “Cobol programmers” of the early 90’s.   And yes, they all got called out of retirement and had a couple years of high billing rates for the Y2K retrofit…but we won’t have anything similar.

This site will be populated with video tutorial, links to helpful training and content.   I consider teaching to be a part of learning…so come let us learn together.

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